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Intelligent Parking Permits

Our Vision

Online Parking Pass (OLPP) vision is to become the new standard in parking management by providing the ultimate professional experience and the custom fit parking solution for your property. Our company takes great pride in what we do and strongly believe we are the best in the industry. OLPP’s unique processes, database and Intelligent Permits provide a high level of transparency. We are like no other parking solutions company because our technology is patent protected and the only company providing this kind of exclusive service. Managing your parking with OLPP’s databases and RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) will increase property value, promote tenant satisfaction, tenant retention, provide complete parking control in your business office, and most importantly, building a more positive work environment for your staff.

Our Image

OLPP’s image and reputation are critically important to us. We are setting a new standard for integrity and customer service in the industry.

Public perception is monumental. Towing companies have a difficult task. Let’s face it: having your vehicle removed from a property is not a pleasant experience. Our approach is to make the experience as pleasant as possible by providing 24/7 guest registration, clearly posted signage, transparency and empathy which typically results in a better understanding on the part of the vehicle owner. Our reputation is paramount and we strive to treat everyone with respect and understanding.

Our Technology

OLPP’s technology is patent protected and exclusively licensed to Towing companies across the country. We utilize an accessible web based database and RFID technology to patrol for unauthorized vehicles. The database is accessible by property managers that can instantly identify any vehicle on their property. Property managers are also provided GPS enabled reports of when and how often the property is patrolled. Towed vehicle reports can be automatically generated and emailed to property managers each time a vehicle is removed from the property. Removed vehicle history allows the property manager to see photos depicting the exact situation before we removed the vehicle. Every action taken by an Exclusive Online Parking Pass towing company is time-stamped and recorded. These features provide transparency that is uncommon in the industry.