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Do you find it impossible to keep track of all the vehicles on your property?
Do you know who’s parking in your community lot?

Online Parking Pass (OLPP) offers a complete solution for resident vehicle management.

Keep track of every resident and guest vehicle on your property

OLPP allows you to log and track every resident vehicle with an “Intelligent” permit. Additionally, all of the vehicle and owner information is stored on each permit. Parking Administrators can look up any vehicle on your lot, giving them instant access to the owner’s information. Residents can be contacted through the application and notified to move their vehicle when the circumstances call for action. Activate and deactivate all permits with a mouse click!

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Resident 2

Intelligent Permits and Hang Tags provide exclusive validation

OLPP’s Intelligent Parking Permits are designed for tracking and security. Each permit has a unique RFID number (vehicle specific) and barcode for easy lookup and validation. The only time they need replacement is when the windshield is replaced or the resident purchased a new vehicle.

The three steps of vehicle validation are as follows:

  • Validate intelligent parking permit
  • Permit not reporting or no permit in the vehicle? Validate using license plate.
  • License plate not listed in the database? Validate using the last 4 digits of the vehicle VIN (Vehicle Identification Number.)

If the vehicle in question doesn’t meet any of the three validation requirements, the vehicle is a legitimate tow.

Manage from anywhere—office, home, or on the go

OLPP is hosted in the cloud so you can manage from anywhere on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device. We host the system for you, so there’s nothing to install and updates are always free and automatic.

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