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Does your community have guest parking rules that are impossible to enforce?
Are the same guests always causing the problems, but you have no way to stop them?
Are your residents parking in the guest spaces leaving no room for visitors?

Online Parking Pass (OLPP) can fix your guest parking problems.

OLPP’s application takes complete control of your Guest Parking and a new source of revenue!

Residents now have the ability to register their guests 24/7! By doing so, it keeps residents out of the Property Managers office to pick up a pass each time they have a guest or not being able to get a guest pass because it’s after normal business hours. Does your property not have enough parking to assign Guest Parking? Not to worry! Once OLPP is introduced, it doesn’t take long to clean up a property of residents subletting and others that do not belong! Soon, your property can begin charging residents for Guest Parking (if parking is a premium in your area) or at least make it more desirable property now that Guest Parking is available.

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Know how many guests are parking on your property at all times

Every guest vehicle is tracked using Online Parking Pass. When a vehicle reaches its maximum parking time determined by your community, additional time is denied or approved depending on their property guidelines. Set your own property parameters for Guest Parking. See some examples below:

  • Property has assigned 25 spaces for Guest Parking. When resident attempts to register the 26th Guest, they are denied and receive a message that Guest Parking is sold out for that day/night
  • Property can provide free Guest Credits a month per unit or per resident if applicable
  • Property charges $10 a night for Guest Parking or after Guest Credits are spent, they charge a certain amount per night
  • Property allows only 3 Guests per month per unit or per resident. When the resident attempts to register another Guest after the allowable amount, they are denied further Guest registrations for that month

Quickly spot the violators

It takes only seconds for any administrator to check if each parked vehicle is currently registered in their database. If not, you can decide the most appropriate action to take, such as calling the towing company to have the violator removed.

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Don’t worry (about your parking!) Be Happy!

Our communities love OLPP! They tell us it makes their guest parking troubles disappear. Complaints go away and parking becomes easy, clear, and fair for everyone.