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Intelligent Parking Permits

Can I register a new vehicle or make a change to an existing vehicle during non-business hours?


Yes, it can be done 24/7, but the vehicle will NOT BE APPROVED UNTIL THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY! Unfortunately, registrations DO NOT take effect during the weekends, holidays nor after normal business hours. Please call your respective OLPP exclusive dealer in order to verify the vehicle in question is VALID before parking the vehicle on the property. If you MUST park a non-registered vehicle on your property, login to your OLPP account 24/7 and register the vehicle as a GUEST until the new / changed vehicle information has been approved. PLEASE FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS OR BE SUBJECT TO TOWING! Remember, OLPP does NOT want to tow your vehicle or your guest’s vehicle if they belong there!


Can I register a Guest vehicle during non-business hours?


Yes. Registering guests is simple and won’t take longer than ordering take-out online. If it’s a reoccurring guest, the application remembers previous guest registrations and will auto populate the vehicle info for that particular guest. Guest fees if any vary from property to property… confirm what the guest parking guidelines are at your property before registering any guests.


How will my customers, residents /tenants /students /employees benefit from the Online Parking Pass program?


Your customers will benefit in several ways. Customers can quickly identify vehicles on their property, register their vehicles and guests vehicles online (guest vehicles 24/7,) know when their property was patrolled, email/text vehicle owners on a mobile app from the parking lot if their vehicle must be moved. In addition, the OLPP program is a new revenue generating source while eliminating “mistaken” tows, “give backs,” and subletting at no cost to the property. Finally, parking permits can be turned on/off with a mouse click and never need to change permits again by using intelligent parking permits!


Are there other products on the market that are similar to Online Parking Pass?


No. Online Parking Pass’ program is patent protected technology. There is no other program available
that is comparable to our comprehensive program.


How will using Online Parking Pass (OLPP) improve my Towing business?


The OLPP program will make your drivers more efficient, productive and safe. The time it takes to
accurately monitor a property is dramatically reduced, thus increasing the profitability of your company.
OLPP’s program enables you to add new accounts without adding additional personnel or trucks.
Company owners can easily monitor the activity of their drivers as well from their computer or


Can I see how the Online Parking Pass’ program works?


Of course! Call us at 1-855- 999-OLPP (6577) or send an email to [email protected] to
schedule a webinar.


What is Online Parking Pass’ customer support policy?


Online Parking Pass will respond to any customer inquiry within 24 hours.


How does the Online Parking Pass program work?


The OLPP application is a Patented Technology. It’s a great revenue source at no cost to properties while
eliminating their parking frustrations permanently. (See Property Management video under Prospective Clients.)
For Towing Companies monitoring commercial/residential/campus properties? It will save a tremendous amount
of time (we can accurately patrol an 800-parking space property in less than 15-minutes) while significantly
reducing bad tows. (See Towing Company videos under Prospective Clients.) We provide all the materials for
the properties/campuses that you cover… you don’t have to create anything for your prospects or current clients.
We will provide all the required documentation for your company to sell the service.


How reliable is Online Parking Pass’ technology?


The Online Parking Pass program has been in use in the field for over 5-years. The results have been
excellent both in terms of customer acquisition and satisfaction.