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Intelligent Parking Permits

Community / Campus Enforcement

Online Parking Pass (OLPP) provides the tools necessary to enforce your parking rules.

The time it takes to Patrol a Parking Lot by Security or Towing Companies now reduced by 80%!

OLPP’s Patent protected technology can track vehicles like no other parking management solution available today. We combine a vast range of applications in conjunction with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology all into one comprehensive system which tracks vehicles quickly and accurately. Our parking program controls and regulates community / campus parking while solving subletting concerns, bad tows, parking headaches, permit exchange and never having to change  permits again!

Every vehicle’s facts are at your fingertips

OLPP lets the responsible organization quickly lookup a vehicle’s information which enables them to see its current permit status or take any other appropriate action (like warn or tow). We securely store every vehicle’s information to have the ability to contact the owner(s) in important situations.

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Patrol an 800-Space Parking Lot in 15-Minutes

There are several deterrents that can prevent authorized parking enforcement from patrolling your property.

  • Weather – When it’s cold, raining, extremely hot or a non-desirable location, drivers do not have to leave their vehicle while patrolling a property. It’s much more likely that your property will be patrolled since the drivers are safe inside their vehicle.
  • Accountability – Each property has a time stamp of the last recorded patrol in a “Last Seen” report. Company owners can easily monitor the activity of their patrollers from their computer or smartphone.
  • The OLPP Patent protected technology will make drivers of parking enforcement more efficient, productive and safe. The time it takes to accurately monitor a property is dramatically reduced, thus increasing the effectiveness and performance of the parking enforcement personnel.


Enforcing Parking Rules

Whatever the established rules are to park at your property, OLPP’s Web Based application will manage it. It doesn’t matter if your property has surface, garage, reserved or 100 different parking lots that each require a unique permit, OLPP’s software using intelligent permits can do it all with a single permit!
OLPP’s software along with our intelligent permits will enforce any rule/condition at a property. In addition, we provide the resident/student/employee/guest additional certainty that their vehicles won’t be towed mistakenly because each vehicle is validated in three steps as opposed to being towed for not having a visible permit in the vehicle.
The three steps of vehicle validation are as follows:

  • Validate intelligent parking permit
  • Permit not reporting or no permit in the vehicle? Validate using license plate.
  • License plate not listed in the database? Validate using the last 4 digits of the vehicle VIN (Vehicle Identification Number.)

If the vehicle in question doesn’t meet any of the three validation requirements, the vehicle is a legitimate tow.

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Keep all Partners in the loop

Easily grant privileges to property and community managers, board members, and enforcement members. (Such as patrol, towing or security companies.) OLPP keeps a history of every user and tracks all their transactions while using our database.